By SPC Erik Woessner, Army Brat

Another memory that I have of the military was right at the end of Operation Desert Storm, and being out there with my mom at McPheeter’s Barracks in Bad Hersfeld waiting for the buses that were bringing all the soldiers home from the war. I’d never seen my daddy in his combat uniform. It took me little bit to recognize him even though he hadn’t been gone that long. I remember that he had a mustache.

To me, it was a major homecoming. It did seem really happy and wonderful. I can only imagine how my mom felt that he was back at this point; but to me, I was happy because  my daddy was finally coming home.

To this day I remember the crowd celebrating. The mothers were there; all the kids were there. Everybody was just so happy that their husbands and fathers were coming home. It was just such a happy feeling. Everybody was so excited the whole day. Now that I have actually been on a deployment of my own, I understand how he was feeling, as well as the release of tension: the joy of being home, relief that combat was over and that the mission was done. I understand that feeling now and I can definitely emphasize with him. In many ways, I really think that the military overall helped me strengthen the bonds I had with my father, especially once I joined. I’ve developed a connection in a common ground that I do not think we had prior. So in a way, the Army helped bring me and my father closer together. I don’t think we would’ve been this close if I’d never joined up.

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