Frankenstein’s Castle

By Patrice Armstrong, Army wife

In the late 1980s, American families traveled to Darmstadt, West Germany, for a visit to “Frankenstein’s Castle.”  This was an event organized for four weekends in October each year by a group of German and American civilians in celebration of Halloween.  After parking at the base of a small mountain, shuttle buses would transport thrill seekers up a winding, two-mile road to the mountain top. There, ruins of an old castle were the backdrop for dozens of local actors dressed in scary costumes.  As people walked through the castle walls, various horrific scenes were set up, like an American haunted house on a grand scale.  When we went there in 1988 and 1989, one of the tallest people we’d ever seen was dressed as the Frankenstein monster.  He would wander through the crowd, scaring children and posing for photos with visitors.  A small stage was set up, where the making of the monster was reenacted in a “laboratory” complete with flashing and smoking electrical gear.  Both times that we went, a thick fog enveloped the castle ruins, adding to the fun and frightful experience.


One Comment on “Frankenstein’s Castle”

  1. blackwatertown says:

    An excellent sounding event.

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