Vicious Cycle

By Jared, age 11

When I was in kindergarten and first grade, my dad was deployed a lot of the time so I didn’t get to know him. I thought he was this mean and scary guy but he was only mad then because he was always having to fly. I just had to learn over time that he was only like that when he was mad  I was getting in a lot of trouble because I didn’t have the mentorship of a father very often. I saw him when he was mostly mad so I took that as mature and I was a bully to other little kids. The reason why I did that is I thought it was normal yelling at other kids, the physical part was all me; I knew that it was wrong but it showed the other kids who said I wasn’t as strong them.  At least we were overseas, so my school and teachers understood what I was going through.

Now that my Dad has been home more I got to know him better, and realized that he’s a good guy.  We started to spend more time together and I realized that being mad was a vicious cycle for both of us.  We both have short tempers, but when I control my actions then I make friends more easily, and I don’t need to prove anything to anyone.  It’s good to know that my Dad “gets” me, and whether he is home or deployed, he’s always there for me.


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