Aggies Of The Pacific War

By Iain Woessner

Former U.S. Army Captain and retired Civil Engineer Walter Hines has crafted a unique chronicle of WWII history in his book, Aggies of the Pacific War. Hines, himself a veteran, was inspired to write about his alma mater, New Mexico A&M, now called New Mexico State, and the brave men who served from there.

The New Mexico A&M was the only four-year educational institution in the New Mexico with an ROTC program. As a result, many of the graduates commissioned as officers in the 1930’s and early 40’s served in the Pacific Theater. Other attendees who didn’t have an opportunity to graduate still served with distinction in all branches of the military. Many made the ultimate sacrifice to their country.

Using vintage text and photos, Hines chronicled the trials and tribulations of these young men, following them from the defense of Bataan and POW camps to the liberation of the Philippines and the surrender of Japan. Their touching story will no doubt serve as an inspiration to not just New Mexicans, but all Americans as well.

One Comment on “Aggies Of The Pacific War”

  1. James Babb says:

    Sounds like a very interesting read.
    Love the fact that it has old photos.

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