Trip to Eagle’s Nest

By Bill and Patrice Armstrong

One of the best memories of being stationed in Germany was when our unit returned to Frankfurt from deployment to Kuwait and Iraq for the First Gulf War.  One might think we would be tired of being around our fellow soldiers at this point, but it was just the opposite. Several of us took leave and traveled together with our families down to Berchtesgaden in the German Bavarian Alps near the Austrian border for some R&R. We stayed at a nice hotel downtown, did a lot of walking about, and took a trip to Eagle’s Nest. The big meals we had together were absolutely delicious, and we washed them down with outstanding local beer. It was fun telling stories about each other (at least the funny stories) that our Army friends could elaborate on. This vacation helped our families better understand the situation down there, helped the soldiers understand the challenges our families faced while we were away, and gave all of us a chance to safely unwind together. The core group of us still stay in touch after more than 20 years.

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