Emergency Kit

 By Kim Medders, Global Nomad, Navy Veteran

One of the funniest stories my dad ever told me was when my dad was principal of the elementary school in Hoenfels, Germany during the Cuban Missile Crisis. It was a small Army training base near the Iron Curtain. We lived in a climate of fear that we would be quickly overrun by the Soviets. My folks were required to keep an emergency kit packed at all times with clothes, food and water in case the “balloon” went up and we had to bug out. My dad was in charge of checking our building to see if everyone was ready. He knocked on one apartment, and an attractive wife answered the door. He asked to see her emergency kit, and she went to the bedroom and returned with a black see through nightie and a bottle of vodka. She said, “Honey, if the Russians over run us, this is all I’m gonna need.”


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