FOOTSTEPS TO FOREVER – Airman Writes a Thrilling WWII Book

By Allen Dale Olson

How do you get material qualifying you to write a suspenseful novel about tracking World War II German atomic energy progress across the frozen hills of Norway and into the middle of that war’s most intriguing network of secretive researchers? By spending some twenty-two years in the United States Air Force as a physicist at work in Space and Missile Systems, Studies and Analysis, and by teaching classes in Aircraft and Space Craft Development is how.

Footsteps to Forever is a novel whose every page betrays Dr. R. Samuel Baty’s  (USAF,ret) insights into the world of air and space exploration and the interwoven strands of diplomacy, security, and deception, as he tells us a love story of a young American couple, both Army lieutenants, under the direct supervision of President Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill, and Army Chief of Staff George Marshall, undertake a dangerous, secret mission that proved vital to America and its Allies in WWII.

Samuel Baty and his book.


Dr. Baty, today an adjunct professor of aerodynamics and space topics such as interplanetary travel and engineering at Embry-Riddle Aeronautic University, shares his experiences professionally in lectures, classes, and learned journals throughout the country.  But as “One Who Also Served,” Dr. Baty, with the blessing of his wife Linda, has turned his knowledge of WWII into a tale of suspense, romance, and adventure, with sequels already in the works.

Married in 1963, Linda gave up her career as a school administrator to also serve by following him to places like Edwards Air Force Base, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Pentagon, and Air Force bases in Montana, Florida, Alabama, Illinois, and South Carolina.

His novel and the ones to come show us yet another way our military members and their families “also serve.”

Footsteps to Forever is available on and

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