Heroes Fallen Studios

By Clayton Murwin

Heroes Fallen Studios Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit  Organization registered in the state of Virginia,that supports the men and women of our Armed Forces. This project was started about three years ago. I decided that I wanted to do something more with my talent as an artist, something that would actually mean something. I have always been a supporter of our Armed Forces. The men and women that serve to protect our Freedoms and our country deserve all the support they can get.

Because without them, we would not have the freedoms we have today. So one night I was talking to a friend of mine from Canada and I said to Roger, Do you think anyone would be interested in hearing the real stories from our troops that have served in Iraq & Afghanistan? Roger asked me what did I mean. I told him I had been thinking about gathering together stories from our troops and illustrating them in a comic or graphic novel. Letting their stories be told from their own mouths. Roger said it sounded like a good idea .So we talked about the best way to go about it.

That’s when it was decided that I wanted to not only undertake this myself but wanted to see if I could bring together the comic industry to help with it as well. So I started putting the word out that I was looking for stories from our troops. The hardest part was gaining the trust of our troops and having them feel comfortable enough to share their stories with me. This took me nearly a year in itself to establish the trust with the members of our military.

As the stories started coming in, I had to find artists, writers, inkers, colorists & letterers that would be willing to do this project “gratis” and donate their time and talents as a way of showing how much our troops were appreciated. This is where I had the most difficulty as I would have members of the industry both main stream like Marvel & DC comics talent come on board then due to things beyond their control they would not be able to complete the project. The same with a lot of the independent and small press guys as well.

So one minute I would have a story fully covered the next not so much!  However I didn’t give up. I just kept refocusing and regrouping. I must admit there were many times I thought about just giving up, because of the many setbacks I kept running into. When you’re dealing with this many people on a project this big, it is one heck of an undertaking. But finally it has come to pass!

The First Graphic Novel  Untold Stories From Iraq & Afghanistan Volume One is complete and is for sale on my website and on Amazon.com. It was printed by Automated Graphics Systems, & Production was done by Darren Sanchez from After Hours Press. Look for future books to be coming soon. The Proceeds from the sale of this graphic novel will be split between four non-profit organizations.


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