The National Blue Star Mothers (BSM) group selects a new President at the 2012 BSM Convention in Cincinnati.

In an e-mail, the incoming National President, Pat Soler introduced the new officers for 2012-2013. They are: Judy Dorsey, National 1st VP, Cindy Ventura, National 2nd VP, Teresa Bullock, National 3rd VP, Charilyn Damigo, National Recording Secretary, Kathryn Venable, National Financial Secretary and Anne Parker, National Treasurer. The 4th VP spot remains unfilled. Soler’s remarks are as follows: “It is an honor and a privilege to serve as your President for the upcoming year. It is because of my son, 1Lt. Kyle Soler, US Army that I am here today. Those of you who were at convention know that he was with me (via picture) throughout the proceedings and during my installation as President. I always keep him front and center because he is my mission!

“As Blue Star Mothers our mission is to support our troops, our veterans and our Gold Star families. Another mission, one less spoken of, is to support each other. The desire of our sons and daughters to serve their country is what has brought us together. They serve each other in the battlefield and they depend on each other to survive. At home we also should serve each other and have each other’s backs. The theme I have chosen for this year is ‘United We Stand’. “If we keep our focus on our mission, we should be able to accomplish almost anything we set out to do. We all have different ideas and different viewpoints on many things. However, first and foremost in our minds should be what is good for the whole organization. This is what I will be looking at this year. I hope that you will make a commitment to keep our mission in front of you as together, we continue to grow this organization and support our mission.”

In closing, Soler thanked outgoing President, Robin Barnes McCarthy, for her strength and service over the past year. For more information about the Blue Star Mother organization, check out

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