Making the Most of a Fun Summer

By Bridget Quinn, Air Force Wife and MAMF Spouse Liaison

This has been a great summer for family time and making new friends. We really love our house at Kirtland and the neighbors that surround us. Now the desert feel of New Mexico itself is something that we both still need time to get used to. We both say how we miss cool days where it rains all the time and more especially how green Japan and the east coast are.

For the past month, we’ve been in New Jersey where Mike completed one of a few trainings that he has to do for his upcoming deployment. It worked out great because my mom lived where Mike’s training was and we were able to catch up with our good friends from Japan. Rory and my niece Lily got to spend some quality cousin time, and Grandma Vee Bee was to her hearts content with two little grandbabies running around her house. We met up with Mike’s parents as well and were finally reunited with our pup Huey. Oh the life of a military dog. We hadn’t seen him since January, poor thing probably thought he was just going for a walk and instead we flew him half way around the world and in with his grandparents! (Back story behind Huey’s “TDY”: When we lived in Japan, Mike had to go on a TDY back in the U.S. We decided to send Huey with him so that he wouldn’t have to be in the hustle and bustle of our upcoming move as well as being quarantined when we made a pit-stop to Hawaii. We still don’t have our pup back because of all the back and forth we’ve been doing but that will change this week when Huey’s grandparents return him to his real home! Thank gosh for great family right?)

Between the New Jersey training and the training Mike still has to complete down in Alabama and Florida, Mike and I decided to head back to New Mexico to spend one last week together as a family. The next time we will all be under the same roof together in our own house will be October of 2013 so it’s bittersweet for sure.  Speaking of this deployment, it is definitely lagging on us for sure. It’s his first one, and hopefully it’s the longest he’ll ever have to do, but it’s quite daunting to think of what’s ahead. Rory is turning one next week and by the time Mike gets back, she will be over two years old. The kid seriously changes every day so this part of being in the military isn’t the best. I think about all the other families that have done or are currently doing the same thing as us and that makes me feel a bit better. Really, I feel like these last two months that Mike is with us is the hardest that it will be because I almost want him to just go so we can get that goodbye over with and start the countdown for when he can come home. However, I am cherishing the time that we still have left as a family and I would love to have more time with him than what his orders say…

In a few days, we head back to the east coast to celebrate Rory and Lily’s birthdays and then continue south to where the rest of Mike’s trainings are located. Once he gets on that plane, Rory and I will go home to New Mexico and get back into the swing of things. It’s great to be able to visit family and go on the occasional trip but there’s nothing like your own home with your own things to give you comfort.


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