Not Just Another Business Trip

You will not be able to call in the middle

of your day or catch him as his day ends.

He’ll call for five minutes when conditions

allow.  Wake you from any sleep you manage.


Emergency or not, you manage, imagine

the best you can what he’d say in a talk

the two of you would have over coffee

about the kids, options, pro and con.


When his one hundred-year-old father

crosses the line from confused and cranky

to slipping and dulled, your only option

is the Red Cross.  They’ll want information:


corps and theater of operation, relation to patient,

DOB, SSN—official numbers only intimates

should know.  If you happen to have it,

a unit address speeds things at their end.

Poet Caroline LeBlanc is the Writer-in-Residence at the Museum of the American Military Family


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