Highlights from the New Mexico 2013 Women Veteran’s Coference


The 2013 Women Veterans’ Conference is designed to inform women veterans of U.S. Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) and state veterans’ benefits available to women veterans. According to the VA, women represent the fastest-growing segment of the active-duty and veteran population. The number of women veterans is expected to continue to grow in the next 10 years as combat operations wind down in Iraq and Afghanistan. According to the VA, of the 22,646,149 million veterans in the United States, about 10% (2,224,547) are women. Last year, the female veteran population was 1.9 million.

Here in New Mexico, there are 21,324 women veterans–13% of the state’s 172,085 overall veteran population. The female veteran population at the beginning of 2012 was 16,700.

What: Governor Susana Martinez to deliver Lunchtime Address at the 2013 Women Veterans’ Conference in Albuquerque.

Who: Governor Susana Martinez

When: Saturday, September 7 (12noon)

Where: Albuquerque/Crowne Plaza Hotel   1901 University Ave. NE (University & Menaul Blvds.)

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