“McCain Institute’s Rebecca Schneider named to Top 99 under 33!”

by Steve Sparks from his blog

Young American Leaders Committed to Service! McCain Institute’s

Rebecca Schneider…


Rebecca Anne Schneider is an Army Brat

The McCain Institute mission statement:

“To advance leadership based on security, economic opportunity, freedom, and human dignity, in the United States and around the world.”

Rebecca Schneider serves as Chief of Staff to Ambassador Kurt Volker at the McCain Institute for international leadership…  Quote from the website…

“Prior to joining The McCain Institute, she worked in the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service as an International Trade Assistant. She specializes in EU trade policy and foreign trade agreements, particularly regarding the World Trade Organization. The USDA presented her an award in 2010 for reviewing and redrafting commentary on an EU-US trade policy.”


My favorite little girl in our neighborhood of long ago, would say, “Mr. Sparks, Mr. Sparks, Mr. Sparks” at least 3 times!  At just 5 years old Becca talked and talked about her ideas from, “Beanie Babies” to religion and politics.   From the time daughter, Sarah and I picked her up for a ride to or from the Upper Valley Christian School in Leavenworth, Washington the conversation was non-stop…  I watched her grow up with Sarah, and become close family friends.

Becca and Sarah loved the Living Nativity event presented by the Upper Valley Christian School every year during the week of Christmas.  They argued at times about who would play the Angel Gabriel or the animal keeper leading Mary into Bethlehem.  We so enjoyed this annual family Christmas celebration and event with Becca’s parents, Robert and Anne along with many of our neighbors.  Becca now calls me “Steve” after many years of giving her permission to do so.  Her Mom, Anne, reminded her of the importance of addressing adults as Mr. or Ms. all the time…  Now, I enjoy signing off as “Mr. Sparks” when we chat on Facebook to preserve the heartwarming memories of days gone by…

I am so lucky to have been able to stay in close touch with Rebecca over the years.  I am equally proud of her accomplishments.  She is making a huge difference for countless others around the globe and close to home.  Rebecca Schneider is an exemplary professional and a compassionate person destined for great deeds in the future.  Rebecca represents our future and we should all be proud to pass the torch on to her to help America protect human dignity and freedom around the globe.

The “Mr. Sparks” family, including wife, Judy, and childhood friend, Sarah, extend our love and best wishes to Rebecca Schneider!

“Mr. Sparks,” Judy, and Sarah

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