A Sense of Timing

Today, the hours of the Fall change with a machine’s sense of timing.

Last night, we had an extra hour inside our dreams, their sense of timing.


Careers move forward, propel soldiers & families continent to continent.

Like any regime, an army has its own rhyme, reason, sense of timing.


Actors in white masks move with presence.  Neutrality calls to the soul.

Shakespeare pentameters love and rage, iambs with a lean sense of timing.


A family dog sniffs around for the known & gone, sleeps away the hours.

Bodies carry absence like a weight.  Mind loses any primacy, sense of timing.


Summers we pack long days of light to the brim with business.

Farmers see green ripen into gold; mimic the keen sense of timing.


In firefights quick bursts travel enemy to enemy, slow motion signatures.

When your friend explodes, his vapor has its own sheen, & sense of timing.


Fingers, rosin on a horsehair bow, wake Yo Yo Ma’s cello strings.

Like a sea, the Old Silk Road eddies & slips. Deep.  Sense the timing.


The perfect army wife (Does she exist?) opens her mind, her heart.

The foreign grows familiar, reveals its own melody & sense of timing.


Before we take an hour off our clock time, geese head south at noon.

After, flocks rise at eleven.  Nature!  Her clean sense of timing!


Home from war in Babylon, a husband jockeys with wife and children.

How does he fit in the family?  Grim, their lack of peace, sense of timing.


Geese spiral over ponds, meadows & trees, bark for stragglers.

Once all are in line, they fly on.  A perfect team’s sense of timing.


Leonard Cohen growls, dances an eager couple to the end of love.

Even a waltz can move too fast for a body’s easy sense of timing.


Tired of military codes, a wife wants more artistic passion in her marriage.

It scares him more than war, the spectacle of a carefree sense of timing.


I, Caroline, trip often over the eighth notes in life’s ragged arpeggios.

Grace and Patience, infuse my being!  Yours is the supreme sense of timing.



 Caroline LeBlanc, MAMF Writer-in-Residence



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