A Different Kind of Veteran

PVT Julio M. Carattini, II and his bride, Violet M. Kows, January 21,1944. Violet assembled torpedos while Julio II served his country

PVT Julio M. Carattini, II and his bride, Violet M. Kows, January 21,1944. Violet assembled torpedos while Julio II served his country

As Veterans Day is approaching, I find myself in deep thought as to who should be Honored on that day. Yes, many of us participated in combat, others stayed home to work a typewriter or do other tasks. We have those that tried everything they could think of to join but were not accepted for medical reasons.Then we have the Rosie the Riveter, or my mother who built torpedoes while my father trudged it out in Africa and Europe.Without those at home to send us encouraging letters, packages and constant prayers, I do not know how we made it.No, my Mother was not a Veteran, but she helped my Father during WWII, Korea and when he was retuning from Vietnam she knew I was on my way  to serve there. Mom was the President of the Officers Wives Club for many years and gave comfort to the young wives whose husbands were under my Father’s command. Is she a Veteran?  NO, but she did more than a clerk in a Headquarters in the States. Are we to say that the Australian Coast Watchers are not Veterans because they were not part of the Australian Army? How about our Civil Defense Forces? Who packed our food and ammunition back home for us and worked long hours to do so? How did those wives who  had not heard from their husbands for months survive not knowing if her husband was a MIA or a KIA or a POW??To me, as a combat Veteran of 9 combat tours worldwide, I would readily accept these people as Veterans of another class. No they did not participate in combat missions– but how many of us that are classified as Veterans suffer the agony of the battlefield? Without our Combat Support Troops, we could not have made it home, but it took more than them, here on the home front, to get us home.

Veteran’s Day holds a special place for me when I think of the huge effort put forward. When I think of Mary, Sue, Betty, Alice, Luanda, Margarita and others waiting to hear from husbands in a combat zone, all I can do is praise them and hope that their husband comes home tomorrow.

These are just my thoughts on this Veterans Day and I hope you thank all of those that supported us to the best of their ability.

Just an Old War Horse,

Julio Caratini, III, US Army Veteran


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