The Christmas Miracle

By Rebecca Allison, Army Veteran

My family was not a typical Army family that year, 1980.

Two years before, my husband had gotten out of the Army, right after the birth of our first child. When I went to change my dependents from zero to two, the young admin Specialist asked, “Did you have twins?”

I replied that no, I had had only one baby, but my husband was now a civilian. He objected, saying, “Men can’t be dependents!”

I had to tell him to look it up, it was a new world.

So in late October of 1980, I got orders to Germany. My husband and two year old son would stay at Fort Campbell until I got quarters for them to join me.

After I left for Germany, my husband wrote me that I had received an invitation to join the Waiting Wives Club on Fort Campbell, for those wives waiting to join their husbands overseas. He said he had called the phone number provided, and explained to the nice lady that she had gotten it wrong. That his wife was the soldier, and he was the waiting husband.

He said that she had exclaimed that she had not known that was possible.

I dutifully registered at Housing, and was given the time frame for obtaining quarters.

“We probably won’t have anything until January.” This did not make me happy.

I wanted my family with me for Christmas! I wanted to play Santa for our little boy

With each day that I did not hear from Housing, I grew more worried that I would miss being with my family for Christmas. But I tried to soldier on, for what could I do?

One day I was walking in downtown Bad Kreuznach, where I was stationed with HHC DISCOM, 8th Infantry Division, as a cook on Rose Barracks.

I was feeling very depressed missing my family. I walked down a street, and there was a very modern concrete statue of Christ on the cross. Not being very religious at the time, I gazed up at it and the thought popped into my head, “Well, it can’t hurt…”

I sent a very quick but heartfelt “arrow” prayer while looking at the statue, something along the lines of, “Hey God, I really want my baby here for Christmas – can you see what you can do?”

I felt a little better, but didn’t have much faith that my prayer would produce housing.

Next day, I was at work when I was called to the phone. When I answered it, I heard, “This is Housing. We have temporary quarters for you. You need to come sign for them.”

As I hung up, I said, “Whoa! You work fast!”

My family made it to Germany for Christmas.

I’m still convinced it was my own personal Christmas miracle.





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