Bundenbach (Germany)

 Photo: Marcel Zimmer at the German language Wikipedia

Photo: Marcel Zimmer at the German language Wikipedia

We were stationed at Hahn AFB from 1959-1962. We lived in a village about 15 k from base called Bundenbach. We were the first Americans and the only Americans to live there for several years. I was just 4 when we got there. The 1st night we arrived, a lot of people of the village were in the home we going to rent to see the Americans…They were always all so wonderful. They made sure that my mom knew that if anything happened they had caves in the mountains that they would take us with them if they had to hide. They told us the stories about how children had been taught that if they were bad a big black “boogie” man would carry them off…SO when the Americans troops marched thru their village a big black GI was in front with his helmet on and the straps hanging down. Many were petrified…. of course everything was ok and they were so thankful the Americans had come. When the Nazi’s had come thru earlier…they had everyone bring their Bibles to the town square, threw them in a pile, started them on fire and shot the village priest and threw him on top of the fire.


Colleen Bush Johnson


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