Give Goode, Do Goode

By Allen Dale Olson…This is from his blog at


At a reception last week to open a special exhibit sponsored by the Museum of the American Military Family, I was given two drinks tickets at the entrance. Except for soft drinks and water, the tickets were good only for a generous pour of a white or a red wine. Both, it turned out, were wines good enough to earn further investigation.
They were both from Sonoma-based Murphy-Goode who had donated them for the occasion. One was a 2012 Sauvignon Blanc –”The Fume,” the other a 2011 red wine blend called “Homefront.” The latter was of great interest to the gathering, and the curator of the event, “Sacrifice & Service: The American Military Family,” explained that the wine was created to fulfill the Murphy-Goode belief in “giving back.” Part of the proceeds for each bottle sold goes to Operation Homefront, a winery nonprofit charity that provides financial assistance to the families of military service members and wounded warriors.
Though I have been aware of Murphy-Goode wines almost since the winery was established in the mid 1980s, I had never had opportunities to take a serious look at them. That has changed. The Fume could be a Loire wine, vibrant and rich, fruity and balanced. The red is pure California fruit, no tannic bitterness, long and pleasing finish, a fitting tribute to the Homefront. Both have a civilized alcoholic strength of 13.5%.
I have since learned that Operation Homefront has some 5,000 volunteers in 23 field offices around the country and that since its founding in 2002 it has provided more than $128 million to military families and Veterans in need.
Though the reception is over, the exhibit will be in place through August 31. If you’re traveling through Albuquerque, make a stop at the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History to see “Sacrifice & Service” to learn more about military family life and how foundations like Operation Homefront also serve. At the winery, both wines cost about $15.00. As they say at the winery: “Give Goode. Do Goode.”

One comment on the wine blog read,
Kudos to the Museum of the American Military Family in Albuquerque! We attended the opening and thoroughly enjoyed the exhibits. The awareness shared on the effects of deployment on families and children touched us personally and we thank you for creating such a meaningful exhibit.
Additionally, I enjoyed the “Homefront” red blend served at the reception and agree with your description wholeheartedly. Murphy-Goode’s winery nonprofit charity, Operation Homefront, is a great community partnership focused on Veterans and their families. Murphy Goode did Goode! I’m checking out their website for future wine purchases. 
Judy Sparks
Depoe Bay, Oregon


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