If I were your CIC

by Elisabeth Sacco

If I were your C I C…

Every uniform would be on American soil.

I’d greet you all on the White House lawn.

“Welcome Home, we need you here.

Visit your family and friends.

Stay here, we need you.”

If I were your C I C…

I’d keep you all working feeding kids in America,

building roads and schools

passing out food and school supplies 
in the hoods and barrios of my broken cities.

Giving medical treatment to those who cannot afford it,

guarding my streets and breaking up the fire fights 
that are consuming the lives of our young and old alike

If I were your C I C…

I’d have you protect our borders and run through our jails

I’d even allow you to smack in the head

hose who step on our flag or dishonor our military dead

Alas, I am not the President

I am simply an American.

I love the liberties and responsibilities handed to me

simply because I am an American.

I thank you for that. 
I thank you for being braver than I.

I thank you for defending. I thank you for ensuring.

Welcome home or Hurry home –

May you know that I am grateful on this Veteran’s Day for you.

let old glory wave, let us remember our own, and please enjoy this day

for YOU have made this country free.

YOU are my hero


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