Thinking About Veteran’s Day

By Hank Hair


I got to thinking about Veterans Day and just what are we thanking these men and women for?

Don’t we need to thank them for more than just putting themselves at risk for our freedoms? Some died for that freedom. They and their families gave all for us.


“Thanks for serving” seems to be a hollow thank you.

Some were boys/girls/young men/women who had no direction, some were drafted, some took the military as a way not to get locked up, some volunteered, but they all came out “grown adults” . Men and women of honor, strength, and integrity. Men and women who had been put through some of the worst things that we can never even imagine, these are the things that molded them into the patriots they are, all in the name of love of country, family, and freedom.

Thanks for being good role models, both men and women, for not only your children, but for all Americans.


Thanks for rubbing off on your military brat children with your respect for others, yes ma’am, no sir, opening doors and giving up your seat for the ladies, etc. It is bred into me. Military brats are the most loyal, toughest, respectful, tender, and kind children, as we learned compassion and love for others through our own battles, we hugged and comforted our mamas, siblings, and friends, while our daddys were gone. We fought to make new friends nearly every year from being reassigned, (but those friends are our friends for life) we had to worry about our parents going off to war maybe not to return. Things children should never have to worry about, we had to grow up early, too soon. But those things are what made us strong, loving, caring and compassionate. That is who we are and will always be, The Brat!


Thank you for making me a Brat! I am self-confident, I can fix anything with my two hands, I can farm, I can hunt, fish, cook, clean, take care of my own, I am afraid of no thing and no man. I will stand my ground and protect my family and country to the death because I choose to, and because it was the example set for me, not only by my parents, but my friends, and my friends parents that were there for me when dad couldn’t.


The spouses of these warriors are veterans as well, they are veterans of the war at home. Keeping the  fort battened down while our warriors are gone. They need to be thanked as well as I believe they go through a worse hell than the warrior.


So today I am thanking all of you, the veterans, their spouses, the Brats, my friends, and family who have served, and sacrificed, but not only your service to this great country, but for your daily contribution that you still give to this world. I am always honored to be in your presence.


So my deepest thank you and respects to you all, God bless you. I love you all.


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