Moving to Grow Older

A Brat’s observation on moving in the military by Hudson Phillips


They came with large wooden barrels filled with shavings —

burly, sullen, depression era men to pack my things:

bedtime play, and inside fun that knew my dogs and birthday friends —

memories that only I could wrap;

but they held every toy in their calloused and indifferent fingers,

How would they know how to carry a childhood and keep it safe?

A lead Finnish ski soldier, the toy auto gyro, an electric flier train set —

My Pinocchio puppet was wrapped separately to go with me on the train,

and my Uncle Wiggly stories for dad to read to me.

I would be older when I arrived. But my toys would stay the same.

Author Notes:

An auto gyro was a precursor to a helicopter

You can see more of Hudson Phillip’s poems here:–to-Grow-Older-by-Man-of-Harlech#sthash.UniqVYbv.dpuf


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