Talking to Santa

We lived on Hickam AFB, 1963-68. At the time, the official word was that Santa did not make pre-Christmas trips to Hawaii. Kids weren’t able to sit on Santa’s lap to tell him what they wanted for Christmas. Instead, we could talk to Santa by shortwave radio. They set up a TEMPER tent where you would sit in front of a microphone, and a very official Santa Claus Communications Specialist would put headphones on you. Your mother would be just around the corner out of sight, providing intel to the person who was talking to you pretending to be Santa. Santa knew my siblings’ names, where I went to school, my teacher’s name, what grade I was in — and he could answer questions that only someone who was truly watching from the North Pole would know the answers to! Talking to Santa on the shortwave radio is one of my fondest memories of being a BRAT at Christmas!

Joyce Ebert Reifsteck


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