What will be your legacy as a Brat?

Hello Brat Friends,

What will you be remembered for?

Will it be for something that happened growing up as a Brat or something you have done as an Adult Military Brat?

And what will become of the things you treasure that speak to your Brathood? Will your family or friends hold on to it as ‘sacred relics’ of you….or will it end up in the trash? At least here you have a third option…if you are willing it to or sharing it with:
The American Overseas Schools Historical Society = www.aoshs.org
The Museum of the American Military Family = www.museumoftheamericanmilitaryfamily.org

I’ve always been one to believe that one of the BEST memorials/epitaphs a Brat can have is the one we leave in the hearts of all our Brat friends.


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