Sunday School classes at Selfridge Field, Michigan 1938

By Hudson Phillips

ISunday school class at Selfridge Field  1938MG0141123_0009_NEW

There were only two faith groups represented on the Post at this time: Catholic and Protestant. There was no chapel or special building set aside for use by either denomination. Services were held at the theater at designated times. I was not aware of the Jewish religion at this time. We often sang the hymn, Onward Christian soldiers, and I assumed that all of the soldiers were Christian; though few of them participated in religious functions. Youth functions were generally well attended because they offered some of the few times when young people could have supervised together. On these occasions they met in a general purpose community center. Social programs and church programs often overlapped because they involved the sample people, and very often, the chaplain and his wife and, or, the priest.

IProtestant Sunday School Randolph Field  1948MG_2014124_0004_NEW

Sunday School enrollment has increased for students of these Protestant children and it had become necessary for empty office buildings to be made available. This irregular procedure is taken in stride by these military kids who are aided by Boy Scouts and teachers to navigate their way through a normal Sunday morning at this headquarters of the Air Training Command.


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