“I’m a Brat!”

B orn to a person of honor who fought to defend our flag

R aised in a household which revolved around all that.

A mid all the sacrifices, I thrived and lived my life

T hrough deployments and transfers, our nation’s struggles and our strife.

S trong and happy and thankful until this very day

I’m a BRAT, I will always be…

a BRAT I’ll always stay.

B rats born into the military,

R aised to Reveille!

A merica the Beautiful! Our Country Tis of Thee!

T aps played at sundown, with our hands upon our hearts,

S olid and steady, never to depart.

I’m a BRAT, I will always be…

A BRAT I’ll always stay.

Our country has it’s freedom and our parents played a part.

B eing always transferred from sea to shining sea

R emoved from friends to meet some more, anxious for what would be.

A nd settling in and settling down at our new home ground,

T here’s new opportunities, new friends to be found.

S o life goes on and life goes ’round, and still I always say,

I’m a BRAT, I will always be…

A BRAT I’ll always stay!

B lown just like a dandelion, dancing in the wind,

R elocated to almost anywhere for our freedom to defend.

A ware of the sacrifices made by all our fathers and their wives,

T ogether building family and the memories of our lives.

S erving our country in the States and overseas.

I’m a BRAT, I will always be…

A BRAT I’ll always be!

B ringing up my own children, I tell them all the tales,

R emembering our journey, of fighter jets and ships that sailed.

A mid all the danger, we played, we lived, we grew.

T hankful for God’s mercy and the lifestyle that we knew.

S hould anyone ask me, “Where do you call your home?”

I answer with pride, “The world has been my playground, this whole country

that I’ve known.”

         N avy,

         A rmy,

         M arines,

         E nlisted men and our leaders, too,

         R eal heroes, and yet, our parents,

         I n service to our country and defending me and you.

         C oast Guard and the

         A ir Force. Everywhere the eagle flew!


I’m a BRAT, I will always be…

A BRAT I’ll always stay.

Thankful for our comraderie!


Copyright Vicki Pitman Brady, Nov. 11, 2014


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