by Bill Hudson

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 7.19.07 PM

Senorita was given to me by a navy family much earlier in the year upon their orders to return to the United States. Several of the Posts and Bases had stables to serve a variety of purposes.  At Fort Davis, mules were used to pull heavy equipment, horses were used by the officers for personal use, such as Polo competition and recreational riding.  My mother belonged to a riding club and most of the children learned to ride.  There was an expectation that boys would learn good riding form in preparation for later careers as officers. Senorita was spared the usual military hair bob on mane and tail because of my objection.  She was smallish but she was able to hold her own among the much larger horses and  mules at the stable.  It was my job to see that she was fed, to keep her groomed and to bridle and saddle her properly. I have just learned that, like all of the other families, it is our turn to leave Panama and leave our pets behind.  This will include my Capuchin monkey, Chi Chi, whom I had found in a tree.  I was eight years old. This was hard to take and understand. We just had to follow orders. We would leave four weeks. Our fathers had to remain on duty and stay behind.  Being military, we had no permanent residences in the States to go to.  The expression on my face says it all.  I was the oldest sibling and in the third grade and was leaving in February.

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