An Army Dem or Rep?

By Willy Boroski

Back in the day… no such thing!

I never heard my father say any thing bad about someone’s politics or ideas in the Army – It never came up. Ever!

As we drove around Fort Hood one day (I was 9 yrs old And dad was a Capt.) in his Jeep, I was so proud to be with him ‘cos everyone saluted him on every corner -Dad would point out guys like …That is SGT, CMSGT, Staff SGT, Officer so-and-so Son- etc.

And then I would ask who are the men in the groups marching with just a upside down V on his shoulder?

They are our Troops, son! Let’s pull over and watch.

They marched to Cadence; they sang and I was hooked to the Cadence/marching they were doing!

Son – I was that guy once (a troop) when I was young when I started in the Army.Then I married Mommy and you kids came!

As the soldiers marched by daddy said…They are our Troops son -And they will one day save the world- like we did.

March, march, march… as they passed us by as Daddy pulled to the side of the road-and I said…When you were a young Troop where did you go in the Army Daddy?

I went to training like those troops, Germany where you were born, and then to war in Korea, and twice now in Vietnam. – They say I’m going to go again?

Where Daddy!!!!????


Oh! Again?

Yes son, Vietnam

It was the last word I remember my father saying in my life.

After 21 years in the US Army he never returned from that trip to Vietnam. 1969

This is where he died and sadly my story dies!

So I am sick and tired (and older) of not telling Daddy’s story!

Politics had nothing to do with his friends in the Army… and it had nothing to do with that patch on the sleeve!

And it had NO POLITICS!

RIP peace Capt Boroski – I wear your love on my sleeve today!


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