We’ve Found a Building For MAMF–Please Help Us Buy it!

After years of looking, the Museum of the American Military Family has found a great building in a perfect location in Albuquerque, NM.

It will cost around $220,000 to buy. With your support, we can create a physical museum and library dedicated to our unique culture.

Your tax deductible contribution in any amount will help us continue to:

Honor America’s Military Families
Share their stories
Preserve their legacies
Recognize the countless men, women and children who stand beside America’s Service Members
We are a 501c3 nonprofit with an all-volunteer Board. Your support will be acknowledged in the museum building.

It will take all of us to create this unique museum–we appreciate your support!

please donate here:



3 Comments on “We’ve Found a Building For MAMF–Please Help Us Buy it!”

  1. Cheryl A. Simms says:

    This is great having a headquarters for BRATS. There are a few of us working with a few congressmen and the American Legion to allow BRATS to share their facilities, become full fledged members (not auxiliary),and include the BRAT Insignia on their signs. In this way, BRATS could meet at any American Legion.

    • Our museum honors the men, women and children who serve alongside our service members…the families. We collect their stories and showcase their accomplishments. Last year we made an exhibit, Sacrifice & Service: The American Military Family, and this year’s exhibit is called Schooling With Uncle Sam… We have had good support from our local American Legion and wish you well with your project… It’s great when Brats work together to support and appreciate each other!
      Thank you!

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