Alright folks, it’s that time! This is the official call for new stories and pictures for the Brats Overseas Book Project! We will be gathering stories from ANY Brats from any era for inclusion into a series of books that will be generated by areas of deployment. So put out the word, if you know ANY military Brats, Past OR Present, we are seeking their stories! Stories need to be 750 words or less, and pictures need to be 300 dpi or more. There is no limit to the number of pictures you send, but please assure they are copyright free. Send stories and attached pictures via email to bratsoverseas@yahoo.com. You can look at examples of entries on our website, http://www.bratsoverseas1.wix.com/bratsoverseas.

We will email our Terms of Service to all who send in stories, so be sure you send your stories from an email address that you will not change, as we will use it to communicate with you.

If you have not submitted a review for the first book, Cold War Memories, please do so on Amazon.com. It helps to expose our call for stories to other Brats who may not know of us on Social Media.

Co-Editor Yoshika and I can stick to a deadline, follow through on our commitments and deliver a beautifully finished project, so if you missed your chance to submit before, send in your story now!

Trisha Lindsay


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