Life at the Statue of Liberty

IOutlay of the Statue of Liberty and Bedloes IslandMG_20141123_0014_NEW-3by Hudson Phillips

People are skeptical when I tell them that we were quartered for a short time at the Statue of Liberty in l935 that was then Bedloes island. This image of the Statue indicates the structures that on the island at that time. Part are the remains of an old fort and some housed people who work there. The long flat roof building to the lower right had two story apartments. They are consistent with what I remember.Though my dad was stationed at Governors Island, I spent my days with my mother and grandmother in the proximity of the Statue. I was four. My memories are broken up into what I have been told I did and those that I clearly experienced. I remember the arrival of some of the great passenger ships. We had a wide window on the second floor and we would all lie on the bed and store the moments. The ferry rides were frequent and also made a lasting impression. I rather took the statue for granted. When I played with my chums I assumed that other children had statues like this next to their houses.

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