To all Military brats, I think you can relate.

Yes, I am a Military Brat,

Growing up, I would wake in the morning to my dad yelling “reveille”. I ate SOS “shit on a shingle” for breakfast. I have swabbed the deck and scrubbed many latrines, and they had best pass muster. I have never been grounded, but spent a lot of my childhood on restriction. I didn’t own pair underwear, but had a drawer full of skivvies. My parents ran a tight ship. If I had an issue with the way they manned the helm, I could pack my ditty bag and go AWOL. It was not an option to stand up during our national anthem, it was expected, no excuses. I was to pledge allegiance to the flag, the way it was written, “One nation under God” and I had better be on my feet, with my hand over my heart while doing so. I was to stand tall and be proud of my country, a country our service members fought hard for and so many died to protect, ensuring the freedoms I have sometimes come to take for granted, but I am grateful for every day. And yes, my husband and I have raised both of our children to be proud of the fact that, they too are Military Brats.


Carol Thibodeaux- Jones

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