Brats Get-together in New Braunfels November 6, 2015

The Army Brats of Cove!

We are announcing our fist “Army Brats” get together at Wurstfest in New Braunfels Texas!

Free Admission! (No contributions or donations needed!)

Join us Opening day Friday Nov 6th at 5pm till ? (till close if you like)!

Who – The Army Brats of Cove event- (800 + Members)
NOTE “ALL” Military Brats (and their families) are free and welcome!
What – The Opening night of the Annual Wurstfest!
Where – in New Braunfels Texas! (Between Austin & San Antonio)
When – Friday November 6th 2015
Time – from 5pm – until you are ready to go home!
Music – The bands this night are actual Oompah bands from Germany!

Welcome to the Biggest German Festival in the US! (120,00 people in 10 days)

You, Your kids, Grandkids, and even Friends are FREE – “If” you get there anytime – with us- from 5pm – 7pm (After 7pm you will have to pay $10 each). But you must be on the list with the name of the “Army Brat of Cove” that invited you!

There is no limit to the head count, If you are bringing 20 people then 20 people will be Free! As Mom and Oma always said the more the merrier!

You can come earlier (for free) if you want to as well! Just let me know and meet up later at our entrance booth between 5pm – 7pm!

We are securing a bunch of tables that will accommodate our final head count – so please sign up by sending me your names and head count – We will have your names on a checklist at the gates by the BIG banner “Army Brats of Cove” to get a Sticker, and to tell you where to go and where to meet us!

Lots of Kids will be there with us, just like our mom and dads took us back in Germany! We will have a Kids Table(s) because some of us already know each other, and Family and adult tables! (Good news – it is not a picnic table – they are long tables with sturdy comfortable chairs – easy for the handicapped and elders to scoot in!

We will meet up under the Tents as we celebrate our Brat heritage – and remember the days back then!

Lots of German Food, Music, Dancing, and Carnival is included!
(Admission is free but food, drink,rides and souvenirs are not)

I have been several times and can assure you that it is exactly like it is in Germany!

This is open to ANY brat that may want to meet up with our group and bond with a stranger like only a brat can! (All Branches of the Military Brats are welcome and invited – by a current member of the “Army Brats of Cove”)

The Wurstfest is one of the top biggest festivals in America, And the Biggest German Festival in the US seeing over 120,000 visitors over a 10 day span.

For more information or to RSVP reply to our FB Invite – or send an email to us at



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