A Military Brat (a poem by Hudson Phillips):

Born in a Hawaiian paradise,

I expected it,

accepted it,

and carried it with me

on large ocean ships

that rolled and delved and climbed

but always went forward

through, and over,


dependent on the Captain

on deck,

lulled by the vibration

from the ship’s motor


curious about the surface

we sailed upon,

I tasted the ocean,

as it

let  me taste

lifting itself

in mountainous swells,

teasing and then pulling back,

then flinging itself in the air

with such joy.

Fish would sometimes follow,

flying over the bow and swimming along side.

Sometimes I would drop an orange

to mark my spot,

but always we moved beyond,

leaving a wake of churned water

and cream bubbles

as we sailed toward our next port of call.




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