My Accommodations on the USS Oklahoma City

12015211_10205515163538515_1104846189817422927_oThey were downright luxurious in comparison to a diesel boat. The mattresses were about 4-5 inches thick and the space underneath was your locker. On the diesel boat we slept in our dungarees on top of the plastic mattress cover. There was no point in getting undressed, since 3 guys shared two bunks. I suppose you could if you didn’t mind sharing cooties.

This particular berthing space is at the bottom of the sea now. The Okie Boat was used as a target for torpedo practice. Here is what Wikipedia said about it: “Oklahoma City was decommissioned on 15 December 1979 and remained in the Reserve Fleet in Suisun Bay until 9 January 1999, when she was towed to Pearl Harbor, where some usable material was donated for use in outfitting the battleship USS Missouri as a museum ship…Oklahoma City was then expended as a target during February–March. After being used as a target for air-launched missiles she was hit during Tandem Thrust ’99 exercise southwest of Guam by torpedoes from the South Korean submarine Lee Chun, broke in two and sank on, 26 March 1999.”


–John Crites


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