Can’t Prove Me

by Circe Olson Woessner

While filling out a form for a job, I pause

“…List last five supervisors, and can we contact them?”

I answer:

1.) Yes-But good luck finding her

2.) No. Retired–address unknown

3.) No. Deceased

4.) No. PCSd–address unknown

5.) No. PCSd–address unknown

On to the next question

“…List last five employers and a good point of contact.”

1) Still here–see #1 above

2.) Still there-Maybe the secretary would remember me

3.) Base closed

4.) Post closed

5.) I guess it’s still there, but I doubt anyone would remember me

Moving on:

“…List last five residences and two neighbors who would remember you.”

  • My current neighborhood’s not very friendly; I don’t know any of my neighbors
  • Most folks have PCSd
  • Base is closed-who’s to ask
  • That was overseas. I don’t remember the street name; we had a PO box on post. Plus the post’s closed
  • Come on, really? No one stays in one place so long!

Last question:

“Where did you go to school? Can someone verify your attendance?”

  • School bankrupt and gone (as well as my money)
  • Still there—but since I went online, you’ll just have to trust my transcripts
  • BA-Still there, but I don’t want alert their alumni fundraisers to my whereabouts
  • AA-School closed; Post closed (sigh)
  • High School-School closed; Post closed. I can refer you to the FB page. Someone will remember me.

I’m an Army spouse…

With such a sketchy past, do you think I’ll really get the job?

Can’t prove me–





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