New Mexico’s Female Veterans may be eligible for free dental care

The New Mexico Dental Association Foundation has received funding to begin to intentionally serve New Mexico’s low income women veterans with free dental care through their Donated Dental Services Program.    This care is being made possible by generous funding from the New Mexico Beverage Association.

The Donated Dental Services Program was established in New Mexico in 2001.  Since its inception over 4.5 million dollars of donated care has been provided to low income disabled and elderly New Mexicans.  This care is donated by generous dentists in their own offices.  Each patient receives a once in a lifetime benefit of a complete treatment plan that averages $3200/per case in donated care.  The patient is not charged for this care.  Through DDS we provide no emergency treatment nor do we offer ongoing care by our DDS dentists.  When patients ask for either emergency or ongoing care, they are given a resource sheet of the State’s low income dental clinics where they can receive these services.

Low income women veterans  can apply to receive this dental care by going to, clicking on the Donated Dental Services link, and clicking on the DDS application link.  The application will need to be printed off, filled out, and mailed to the address on the application.  Further information can be obtained by calling (505) 298-7206 Ext. 200.



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