Christmas Far Away

by Falina Cooper Henline

1968. I was 8 and we were stationed at Torrejón AFB, Spain, but my father actually worked at a small communications site called Humosa.

He and several others had to work on Christmas Day, so we packed up a 23lbs. bird plus all the fixings, and took it up to the site to make a Christmas dinner feast for the whole crew. (They had a full kitchen there.) Some of the other families brought ham, pies, and other desserts too.  What a feast we all sat down to!

I got a magic set that year and was bound and determined to put on a magic show for the troops.  Every single trick backfired on me, but it appeared to be just as entertaining for the troops as I had had hoped.  There was plenty of laughter, and all of us got a brief phone call to a loved one back in the US. (At the time, that was almost unheard of.)

There were several single airmen that year who were obviously appreciative, and that Christmas taught me what to do when I later became an Army Wife overseas.  We’ve spent many Christmases bringing food and companionship to those who were on duty, on Christmas, far away from their own loved ones and homes.  Families aren’t always flesh and blood.



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