End of Year Reflections from Brat ID

As 2019, comes to a close, we want to thank all our loyal BRAT ID Seal supporters over the past 5 years. As BRAT ID comes to the close of 2019, we have provided lowest prices on our remaining merchandise at closeout clearance prices here: https://ebay.com/usr/brat_id

We are shuttering our doors as of Dec 31, 2019 and donating the bulk of our remaining inventory of Military Brat ID Patches to “Museum of the American Military Family”. We are including merchandise created the last 5 years for the Museum to display the evolution and creation of the Military Brat Seal as it evolved to reflect all the Brats stories, memories, recollections told and recognize the struggles they endured as they served as first line of support to those Military sponsor serve. The BRAT ID Seal merchandise is created as one of a kind, limited edition pieces. Once sold out they are no longer available unless found on the secondary market. We hope that our legacy will continue to grow as appreciation for the sacrifices of Military families are honored.

We have been a proud supporter of and continue to support and endorse the work done by the Museum preserving our Military Brat and Military Family history. No where in the United States can you read and learn about the struggles and victories that Military Families have faced. No where in America can you read the reality of day to day sacrifices by those who serve and those who provide first line of support to those Veterans who served, than their families, who serve also. We want to ask you to read and recognize, and share the link for “Museum of the American Military Family”. By sharing our history as recorded we are honoring our unique heritage as Military Brats individually, one by one.

As BRAT ID closes in 2019, we will be working towards reorganizing to provide the Military Brat Seal products for the future, proudly Made in USA for American Brats. We have been fully supported by BRATS on facebook, yet there are so many others yet to reach, so we need to reorganize to be able to reach out beyond facebook. We can proudly claim the BRAT ID SEAL coins, pins and patches have been proudly embraced and gifted and adorn BRATS hats, vests, totes, lapels, framed as Graduation and Milestone gifts such as Sponsors retirement gifts to their BRATS. The coins and pins have proudly been used on Military Brats memorials sharing the unique sibling and BRAT unique heritage and lifelong friendships as a shared legacy.

As we close December 31, 2019 to reorganize, we hope that our donation of our BRAT ID remaining inventory will support the fund raising efforts and needs of Museum of the American Military Families goals and efforts and provide recognition rewards for the Military BRAT programs they support.

As of Jan 1, 2020, We will retain a small portion of BRAT ID merchandise available for sale upon request to support closure and reorganization costs. https://ebay.com/usr/brat_id

The remaining available BRAT ID SEAL merchandise will be available through the “Museum of the American Military Family” directly to support their needs.

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