Moving Circle

Gather boxes

Pack & unpack them

Wrap. Repeat


Load the tuck

Unload it again



Create a home

Strip it bare



Photo Albums

Decades later





Night Watch

Bellied down


Head cocked

On crossed arms

I struggle to stay


Count your breaths

Your clenching fists

The miles your feet run

Towards that bunker


our sheets

Jacqueline Murray Loring


A Year

This poem is from a 1976-1977 DODDS Anthology, Bud. 

Scan 3

Plant Me

by Ann Cordier, from “Bud-a Student Literary Anthology ” 1976-1977start all

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Sweet Bitters

If you die first, I will surely regret

all the time I have spent angry with you,

unable to rise above feeling crushed

by your will, your need for me to love

what you love.  This is true, just as I

mourn the years of motherhood,

never half-hearted, just unable to breathe,

caught in the dirty refrigerator,

the avalanche of laundry, menus,

dust bunnies, bills, career—

My friend asks why I miss you,

fear for you so when you go to war.

When you are here, she sees our

differences and wonders what holds

us together.  How I’ve brooded

over that question, especially

when your good -humored flirting

feels slathered, like a sweet frosting,

never noticing the cake is burnt.

Amazing, we don’t declare it inedible.

——–Caroline LeBlanc, MAMF Writer-in-Residence

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