Become a Member

With the cost of operations continually on the rise,memberships seemed to be one of the economic moves to help us stay operational. The Museum of the American Military Family is an all-volunteer organization and we need your help! 

Become a Member Today:

Membership is $25.00 per year or 2 years for $40

Members receive:

  • 4 Quarterly e-newsletters (starting Spring 2014)
  • 20% off of gift shop purchases
  • Annual Acknowledgment in our “Mail Call” e-newsletter)
  • Occasional special offers and informational e-mails

To become a member, please, get the membership form here: The Nonprofit Membership Program

Fill out the form, circle the appropriate answers and mail it to:


546B Highway 333 (Old 66)

Tijeras, NM 87059

14 Comments on “Become a Member”

  1. stevesparks2014 says:

    Assume I’m a member? But don’t kniw when my membership started.


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