What Do We Need?

We are looking for anything that tells the complete story of Military Family Life…Before you PCS or Clean Out the Garage,  Please Consider Us! Here Are Some Things We’re Collecting:

  • Dog Tags
  • Overseas schools memorabilia (Tee shirts, Letters, Rings, buttons, yearbooks, etc.)
  • DoD school records (Newsletters, Report Cards, Memos, official and unofficial documents)
  • Children’s Artwork depicting Military Life or their Military Family
  • Adult Artwork depicting Military Life or their Military Family
  • Photographs of all aspects of Military Life
  • Letters from Service Members to their Family
  • License Plates from Overseas
  • International drivers’ licenses, IDs, etc.
  • Military Themed Toys
  • Spouse Appreciation plaques, letters, gifts
  • Trench/Sweetheart Art
  • Books for, or by, Military Members, Family Members (We have a Special Collections Library)
  • Handwritten or Typed Memory pieces
  • Blank Postcards from Around the World, but especially of Military Posts/Bases
  • Post/Base Collectibles (Coffee cups, Hats, Tees, etc.)
  • Children’s Military-Themed Clothing (BDUs, Onsies, PJs, etc.)
  • On-Base Programs from Teas, Balls, Memorials, etc.
  • Death/Injury Notice Telegrams
  • Deployment Packets (Especially Earlier Ones)
  • Base/Post Guides
  • Social Etiquette/Customs Guides
  • Bumper Stickers, Military Affiliation Stickers
  • Welcome Home Signs
  • Pins, Buttons, Key Chains, etc. with Military Spouse/Parent affiliation
  • USO Tour Memorabilia
  • Essays from Children/Teens about Growing Up Military
  • Spouse activity memorabilia: invitations, posters, programs, items
  • On-Base or Overseas Boy/Girl Scout Memorabilia
  •  PCS guidelines/ Packets
  • Officer’s/Enlisted Club Cards, AYA, DYA Cards
  • Ration Cards, Gas Coupons, etc.
  •  Military Wedding/Funeral items
  •  Calling Cards/Items from Official Military Functions
  • Patriotic Christmas Tree Decorations


If it’s not on the list, please call us to ask if we want it…505 504-6830 or e-mail us:


Our Mailing Address is:


546B Highway 333 (Old 66)

Tijeras, NM 87059

We can also use donations of cash! We are an all-volunteer,  tax-exempt organization.  Thank you very much!






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