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PRIDE! LGBTQ+ Military Family Social

For Immediate Release:

PRIDE! LGBTQ+ Military Family Social

The Shared Voices of LGBTQ+ Military, Veterans, Spouses, Brats and Allies.

Richmond, Petersburg, Hopewell, Tri-city area LGBTQ+ Military and military affiliated organizations have joined together to offer the first ever LGBTQ+ Military Family Pride Social on Saturday, September 1, from 7-9 pm. Come out for an evening of socializing, entertainment, speakers and an “open mic”, at Rajun Cajun Seafood, Petersburg, VA.

Multiple organizations including the Museum of the American Military Family Museum, Military Kid Art Project, Trans Veteran Society of Virginia, TheatreLAB, and the Petersburg Pride Committee are coordinating the event, which will be held at DJ’s Rajun Cajun Seafood in Petersburg, a gay owned establishment and the hub of Petersburg Pride.

The first ever Pride! LGBTQ+ Military Family Social, created in conjunction with the two cities celebrating Pride this year, will have entertainment, food, drinks, music, skits, laughs, readings, and personal stories all in honor of the LGBTQ+ Military Family life. “Military Family” from all branches of the military, retired LGBTQ+ Military, current service members, spouses and all dependents, Brats, no matter the age and the allies that support them.

There will be an open-mic and all are encouraged to share LGBTQ+ military family related stories. The stories will be held to a 2-minute maximum of time and must be PG rated. Lora Beldon, founder of Military Kids Art Project and Artist-in-Residence of the Museum of the American Military Family says, “You don’t have to share a story to come and enjoy the evening. The Military Family Museum just released its anthology of LGBTQ+ Military Family in SHOUT! Sharing Our Truth. As a military Brat, I was honored to have contributed a story and artwork, as well as co-edited the anthology. The book will be available for purchase at the event and both Richmond and Petersburg Pride. The publication, along with an accompanying exhibit recently was honored by the American Association of State and Local History’s Albert B. Corey Prize.

Veteran Yessica Gonzalez-Hernandez, a Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) Victim Advocate, and a Petersburg Pride committee member says, “This event is incredibly important! It will be an opportunity to promote inclusion and celebrate the service of LGBTQ+ Service Members and their families.”

To pre-sign up to share a story email Lora Beldon at LKBeldon@hotmail.com, or sign up the night of the event. Space is limited. First come first serve. Also visit the Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1058871680928195/

The PRIDE! LGBTQ+ Military Family Social Event is open to the public Saturday, September 1, 7-9pm. Location, DJ’s Rajun Cajun Seafood Restaurant. 309 North Sycamore Street, Old Towne Petersburg, Virginia, 23803. http://www.djsrajuncajun.com


New Mexico Author Looking For Photos of KAFB for new Book

Joseph Page, who has authored several books about military installations, is looking for good-quality photos about Kirtland Air Force Base and, especially photos of its families.  If you’d like to submit your photos to add to the book–due out in late 2017–please email Joseph at joseph.t.page.ii@gmail.comIMG_0480

“SHOUT: Sharing Our Truth: An Anthology of Writings by LGBT Veterans and Family Members of the U.S. Military Services”

MAMF Special Projects Writer Caroline LeBlanc is seeking stories for:

SHOUT: Sharing Our Truth: An Anthology of Writings by LGBT Veterans and Family Members of the U.S. Military Services”

This anthology seeks first-hand experiences—good, bad, and in between—as an LGBT veteran or family member, during and/or after military service. Our goal is to create a book that will allow you to tell parts of your story that will also be helpful for others to read—others who live or want to understand the LGBT veteran experience. The last chapter of the book will list resources available to LGBT veterans.

Do not submit any materials previously published in print or online. Identifying information should be included in the body of the email only.

What Genres to Submit:

Fiction: up to 1200 words.

Non-Fiction (memoir, essays, and other non-fiction): up to 1200 words

Poetry: up to 40 lines.

Reviews: up to 1200 words about a movie, book, music, etc. that you think are important for others to know about.

Resources: submit information on resources you have found particularly helpful. (Name, webpage, telephone number, and services)

 You may submit up to 2 pieces in each genre. Each piece must be attached in a separate file. All pieces in a given category must be submitted in the same email. Pieces in separate categories must be submitted in separate emails.

Submissions are accepted between March 20 and June 20, 2016. For more information or for guidelines on how to submit, please visit:

 our projects website





The Museum of the American Military Family is compiling stories for a book reflecting on war…


Attention New Mexicans, who are serving in the military, are military veterans, are members of a military family, and would like to write about your experience in that capacity…

 Paul Zolbrod, Writer-in-Residence for the Albuquerque-based Museum of the American Military Family is seeking stories for its anthology “From the Front Line to the Home Front: New Mexicans Reflect on War.”

This anthology will include first-hand stories from all perspectives—service members, family members and friends who share their perspectives and experiences. Submissions can be about the recent Middle East campaigns, Vietnam, the Korean War era or World War II—and everything in between. All branches and ranks of the military should be represented.

How you can contribute:

Your story can be as long or as short as you choose. Just make it heartfelt, honest and interesting. We are looking for stories of trial and triumph and loss, stories that demonstrate the warmth and humor of military family life along with its inevitable tensions, offbeat stories that illustrate the variety that accompanies military life in war times–in other words– anything you want to tell of.

You don’t have to consider yourself an accomplished writer to participate. We will provide editorial services to sharpen your contribution.

The book will be arranged by stories of:

  • Pre-deployment,
  • Deployment
  • Post-deployment
  • Legacy & Aftermath

For more information or to submit a story, please e-mail Writer-in-Residence Paul Zolbrod at mamfwriter@gmail.com.

The deadline for submissions is April 30, 2016. Tentative publication date is scheduled for the fall. All stories become part of the Museum of the American Military Family Special Collection Library.



First Press Release About our Upcoming Exhibit in May 2014

Sacrifice & Service

The Brat Story

I’m working on a project to create “awareness” for the service and sacrifices of Military Kids, “Military Brats,” to our nation. Pat Conroy (“The Great Santini,” and a Brat himself) remarked, “…military brats, my lost tribe, spent their entire youth in the service to this country, and no one even knew we were there.” He then goes on to say, “Our greatest tragedy is that we don’t know who we are.” And finally he observes, “We’d never stopped to honor ourselves, out loud, for our understanding service to America.”

These three observations are essentially my inspiration and motivation for the “BratPin” – a way to finally recognize and honor these kids. I tried for almost 4 years to have the Congress recognize Military Brats to no avail. (Ref: HR 5333: Children of Military Service Members Commemorative Lapel Pin Act, HRs 1014 and 1889 (same title)). Then last summer I decided to “go it alone.”

Since introducing the “BratPin” concept in October 2013, I have sold over $16,000 in BratPin products. The only marketing I have done is through Facebook.


Typical of the feedback I have is received is this note from last December.

“Thank you so much for designing these. I am an Army Brat and proud to be one. I miss the life and yes would do it again in a heartbeat. I bought 3 of the pendants on chains. One for my sister, brother and myself. I wish they were alive to see them. They would have been so proud. I will wear mine with pride and place theirs on their graves. I think I will have found the closure I was searching for. Again, I thank you.”

I invite you to have a look at all the comments on my web site to gain an even greater appreciation for this initiative. They are so heartwarming…

So, I am writing today to garner interest in telling “our” story – the story of the “Military Brat.” In my generation (I am 67) we moved all over the World. I myself moved 13 times over 14 years as an Air Force Brat. I attended 16 schools during that period; 4 high schools, in 3 countries. I am not “unique.” And I also, would do it again, in a heartbeat!

But for all I experienced, I think growing up as a Brat damaged me. (More on this later, if you are interested). And while the Brats of today aren’t subjected to the moves as we were, I think they will be facing “issues” later in life from the multiple deployments of their parents.

Take a look at these kids on TV today – at unit deployments and returns, and on occasion, at military funerals. Look at their faces – the ‘fear,’ the ‘uncertainty,’ the ‘insecurity’ and so forth. And yes, the ‘joy’ with the return of their parents.

Our “politicos’ have no hesitation in using us, and our kids, as “props” during their various campaigns, but they can’t seem to find way to recognize these kids – for their service to our country. The BratPin is doing this.

I am thinking “our story,” the story of the American Military Brat, is a great one, just waiting to be told…

Robert (Bob) F. Holliker, Jr. Lt. Col./USAF (Ret)

Proud AF Brat

To learn more about the BratPin click here. The Museum of the Military Family is telling the Brat story as part of its upcoming exhibit Sacrifice & Service: The American Military Family, opening  May 26 2014 at the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History.  We also post your memory pieces on one of our blogs. Please send stories to: militaryfamilymuseum@comcast.net. We are looking for donations of any amount to rehabilitate seven 1940’s base housing units to be our permanent “home”.