The Military Brats Seal

11100159_10200584588973707_6683268998063787136_nWhile it was not asked of the creator, please include this in all shares. Especially if you are just sharing the seal.Designed, owned and copyright registered with US Government Copyright office, 2015. Terrill Ann Zimmerman Major, USN AD BRAT 1955-1972, Thomas Joseph Major, USA AD BRAT ID 1982-2005 & Sandra Wallace @ Faith Marie Designs.

THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA MILITARY BRATS SEAL symbolizes the unification of all Military Children; past present and future. The BRATS seal fully recognizes and encompasses a Military Child’s character growing up as Military Children.

BRATS values are proudly embraced as their own unique cultural identity and a heritage experienced by BRATS alone.

Military BRATS collectively have a determined proud patriotic spirit; born, raised and trained in military environments. Yet, BRATS display individually, courageous and tenaciously strong spirits; overcoming adversity and excelling in the face of the unknown as they are raised by warriors who continually seek peace and harmony wherever they roam.All Military BRATS when asked where they are from; say the answer is complicated. Due to the numerous moves during their childhood, or simply where they were born, the location may no longer exist, or where they just moved from last may not be recognized to new people they meet as a foreign country unknown them. Yet the answer for BRATS can be most easily answered; “I am a BRAT, wherever the service-member was needed was where I, as a military child call home”.


– Around the encircling outside band of the Seal, the inscription reads “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” at the top and “MILITARY BRATS” on the bottom which signifies the unified cultural heritage of military children recognized for their entire lives simply by the name; BRATS. BRATS are Military children who display a unique character trait; Spunk, depicted by the pinwheels on each side of “MILITARY BRATS”.

– In the center of the Military BRATS Seal is displayed our Nations emblem of strength and freedom, the American Bald Eagle.

– The Eagle bears on its breast a shield of thirteen pieces Argent and Gules, a chief boldly blazoned “BRATS” representing a unified cultural heritage uniquely their own as military children.

– The shield is supported solely by the American Eagle recognizing military children as BRATS, the first line of support to those whose who serve in the United States of America Military Services.

– The thirteen stars above the American Eagle signify the unification of the original 13 colonies; Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

– Between the stars are alternating rays of light signifying the glory of God, Country and Family.

– The five solid stars above the American Eagle’s head represent the five branches of Military Services; Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Coast Guard and Air Force that all Military BRATS are family members of and grow up embracing the Military culture and values of those who serve.

-The Globe signifies the United States Military Brats homes are found all over the world.

– The Dandelion is the official flower of all Military Children; BRATS. Below the American Eagle, is a Dandelion chain wreath; denoting the unified strength of Military BRATS from all branches of the services.

– The American Eagle carries in its claws the Dandelion seeds representing the life of children of Military Service-Members as BRATS; who display their strength and tenacity as they bloom wherever they travel or find themselves planted by the needs of the military services.

– The Dandelion Seed to the right of the Eagle represents a single bloom with a single seed floating away; a BRAT moving away, with their military sponsor as their fellow BRATS remain jointly or move elsewhere in a different direction as displayed on the left side of the Eagle.

– The Eagle holds in its beak a scroll inscribed “Pluribus Locis Nostrum”, which is Latin meaning “Many Places Our Home” and stands for all the locations a BRAT has embraced as their home growing up as a military child from birth to the year they aged out, usually between 18-23 years old.

Designed, owned and copyright registered with US Government Copyright office, 2015. Terrill Ann Zimmerman Major, USN AD BRAT 1955-1972, Thomas Joseph Major, USA AD BRAT ID 1982-2005 & Sandra Wallace @ Faith Marie Designs.

40 Comments on “The Military Brats Seal”

  1. Jane Skelton says:

    How can “brats” buy the seal or better yet merchandise with the seal. Jane Skelton USAF brat 1945-1967.

    • Tom Major says:

      Hi Jane, The Brat ID coin pin is now ordered to be available in September to purchase.
      Brat On!

    • I was a brat
      I bevame a 20 year veterans of the Air Force.
      My children brats
      Today serving our country.
      What thought and detail you put into this. The story mesmerizing.
      Yes we were Brats
      We were.ecposed
      We’re Nomafs
      We’re Warriors
      We are Blessed our.Parent or Parent’s served.
      Your BADGE means more to me than my 11 year Recruiting Service Badge…my medals and ribbons achieved. Thanl you
      My grandchildren are brats
      2 nephews
      I lived outside the gate of Tinker AFB. In High School..a lot of brat friends.
      I am so appreciative into what you have created.
      Thank you
      A Brat

  2. Terrence says:

    This needs to be made into a challenge coin. The other side could be made into every branch of the service so you could buy the branch you grew up in.

  3. Ellen Yoder says:

    Where can this seal be purchased??

  4. Fellow Brat says:

    Meh. A little too much like the DoD emblem it borrows from. Too much on the dandelions, good Latin quote. Could be improved.

  5. Robin G. Clemons says:

    Didn’t particularly cherish my time as a BRAT while living it, BUT, I have come to realize that it made me into the strong individual that I am. BRAT from 1953 – 1966, go Air Force.

  6. John says:

    Brat from 48 to 69. Nice idea.

  7. Virginia Brady Sullivan says:

    Great work. Love the seal and the detailed explanation. Thank you all for doing this. AF brat 1952-1968

  8. Debbie says:

    Thank You for your fabulous ability that catches the true BRAT in both the seal and the explanation. BRAT 63-86 Debbie ❤️🇺🇸

  9. Tom Major says:

    Thank You MAMF for your support!

    BRAT ID to release first Official Collectors Military Brat Challenge Coin (w/serial numbers) and Pin set. Available September 2015 @

    US Army Brat AS 1982-2005

    Terrill Ann, Product Development, BRAT ID LLC
    US Navy Brat AS 1955-1972

    BEX aka Brat Exchange:

  10. Tami Thimm says:

    I must get one of these!! Did not appreciate my childhood until I was older. Air Force Brat 1974-1992.

  11. Erin says:

    I like it but I’m wondering about its scalability. I’m seeing the writing and I’m thinking about what it would look like if you decreased this in size for a lapel pin. Just a thought.

  12. Tom Major says: $30 a Set for a limited edition with serial number 1.75″ challenge coin and matching 1″ pin, made in USA in Dayton, NV by Northwest West Territory Mint. 10% of profits is contributed to the Brat Base Chapel, Brats Blessing Brats fund to help Brats in need. Thank you for your support of Brats Blessing and Empowering Brats.

  13. MJ McGinley says:

    Love this! Army Brat, (otherwise known as curtain-climbing, crumb-snatching Rugrat…), 1951-1969, and proud of it!

  14. Millie Lugo says:

    How can we purchase the Brat Seal, and how much?
    Iris Rivera-Lugo
    1950 – 1970
    Thank you.

  15. Elizabeth says:

    What an idea!!! Born & raised Army – proud to be a BRAT and who better to understand your child/teen years than other BRATs!! May God Bless America and all the Armed Forces! USA!!!

  16. tradeatease says:

    3211 Bayshore Square
    Pensacola, FL 32507

  17. Bill Lee says:

    Very nice, we need that on a shirt.

  18. Jay Ross says:

    I am Proud to be a Brat and always will be. The best place it took me was Ramstein Germany and then to Wiesbaden to became a WArrior there from 1971 to 1975. Then way 19 and came Bach to the states,that was a bad thing. One day I hope to go. Live the and I want one.

  19. charles bush says:

    How do i get for my daughters?

  20. Cheri BRADBURY Schaufler says:

    Do you have this emblem on shorts yet?

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